Transform to a blissful version of yourself 

I am Lucia 

And I am on a journey…

So are you. And therefore you have come here. I knew we were meant to meet. 

If you are like me, then you have so many questions in your head and you would like to get the answers. You know you are spiritual being and yet do not know how to connect with your true self. You have carried too much baggage on your shoulder which pushes you back every time you want to make a change. 

You would like to see how to turn your life around and become that blissful person without overwhelm. You are a sensitive and thoughtful person and you care about others. And I care about you. 


Are you ready to become blissful in your life? 

Do you struggle with burnout, anxiety and overwhelm?

Do you feel and sense that you have enough of mediocre life, and you are willing to find your greatness and blissfulness? 

If you are fed up feeling exhausted, stressed and demotivated every day, I can feel you and hear you. It´s not a place we are meant to be. I believe in every person´s limitless potential and I want to show you how to tune in to it. 

Following my heart and my core values (more about me here), I will help you too to achieve:


You want to exhibit self-confidence so you can become a thoughtful leader, an influencer and create a massive positive impact on the others and the community around you. You want to become a better parent, partner or just show up in life with all you are, confidently. 

You want to remove all limiting beliefs about yourself so you become powerful and courageous, dropping all the fears which prevent you from achieving what you want.


You will be empowered to make difficult decisions, step outside of your comfort zone to explore unknown where all the growth happens. And I will be right behind you, cheering you up and pushing you step by step from the known so you can thrive in to the blissful version of yourself, inside out.

You become aligned with your mind, heart and soul, you gain clarity on your dreams, career, relationship, and prioritise your values in every area of your life.  

It's your time, now...

Become blissful every day!




How I Can Help You