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Working with Lucia was absolutely magical. I started seeing changes in my life after just the first session! I found that Lucia created a very safe, open, loving, no-judgement space that was easy to relax and be honest in. She listened genuinely, engaged, and together we cracked open and uncovered some deep-rooted things in my life...

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Conscious living 

This is a new way of living, when you truly live your essence of who you are, you recognise your subconscious patterns, beliefs and programs that have been stopping you to live your most exuberant life and give yourself permission to step into your own power. You become the person you have always meant to be, remembering what it is like to live life to the fullest without limitations and negative constraints of your mind. 

If you knew with certainty there are no limits, what would you do? How would you experience life? 

FREE Boundaries workshop

What do we understand under BOUNDARIES? 

Do we really need them? 

We will discuss together: 

- how to work with them, without feeling overwhelmed, panicked, or shut down.

- What do they actually mean? or Boundaries vs Standards 

- how we can create a safe space while setting them, for us and for others 

- we will talk about Boundaries through non-violent communication 

If this resonates with you, come and join us, Friday 2nd December, 17:00 CET. Click the button and join the Facebook group where the workshop will be held. 

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1:1 Support 

I invite you to join me for a rapid one-time session that is intended to catapult you on a trajectory of INNER, personal growth, deeper level of awareness of self and others and set you up on the journey of deep transformation....

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NATAL Chart consultation

With our first breath, the whole blueprint of our soul has been imprinted in to your birth chart that holds the story about you. 

Your unique birth chart is a representation of that moment when you ,for the first time, took a breath and reveals to you who you are and what you came to master, learn. 

The celestial bodies, representing planets are reflecting your life here on Earth. As within, so without. As below, so above. 

Understanding your own soul map can help you live more intentionally, align more with your true nature and learn more about you as a human expression of your soul...

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