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A Tower of Stones

get within reach of your full potential

12- week personalised program

Are you asking yourself how to break a spiral of never ending self-sabotaging habits you repeat over and over in time?

Do you want to change in your life but you do not know where to start?


Do you wonder how come you feel motivated one day while next day you procrastinate and you seem to move away from your goal?  

Are you unhappy in your current job or in any other are of your life (health, relationship, finance) and need some guidance how to break through and find peace and happiness? 

Do you feel like your emotions rule your days and you wonder how to prevent them so you don't have to feel embarrassed? 


Do you fight against lower self-esteem and you hate speaking in front of big audience? 

Is your inner voice telling you that you are not good enough, not capable enough? 

Can you hear that voice whispering that you can't make it? 

It seems to be painful to break through your mind, but believe me, it is all possible. We have all been conditioned to believe in many of those disempowering beliefs which keep us so far away from our extraordinary life. You don't have to accept it anymore....

It all starts with you. You have all the power in your hands!!

No worries though,  I am here to help you get beyond all your fears and burdens, with all the powerful techniques which helped me too overcome my own limitations.


Each session is tailored to cover a concrete issue and we work together to achieve a specific outcome for your desired future. 

I will keep you accountable and laser focused on achieving the results you want.  

Thank to an individual approach we will together create forms of behaviour that are acceptable to you and build the foundations for a continuous self-improvement and extr...
One On One Coaching
2 hod
Book clarity call


holistic approach to all dimensions of your life  - emotional, spiritual, physical and mental as your body, mind and soul are intimately intertwined  

removing limiting beliefs that are programmed in your unconscious mind 

loosen up negative emotions 

✔ free yourself from stress and anxiety, emotional distress

experience deep relaxing trance

profound mindset shift 

 get in touch with your soul 

✔ design your authentic, attractive future 



step outside of your comfort zone 

 feel alignment with your heart and mind 

take responsibility for your life 

uncover power of your unconscious mind 

achieve emotional freedom and ease 

overcome your deeply rooted fears

commit to an extraordinary life you are meant to have  


We will start with powerful deep questioning which will leave you with a feeling that all is possible. Because it is...
Each session will be planned week ahead and will give you enough space to work on tasks and action plan between each sessions. One session lasts maximum 120 minutes. 
This individual, personally tailored program lasts 12 weeks (12 sessions in total). 
Remember, I am with you on this journey. 
I AM SO EXCITED about your boundless life!
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