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Astrology is a guiding tool, our own map of life events, patterns, personalities that by understanding them it offers a big relief, a  chance of letting go, rewriting patterns that are repeating. It points out the misaligned events to allow us accept, understand and finally let go of emotions attached to these events. 

It focuses on spiritual potential and actualizes it.

It offers doors to transformational change.

Solar Eclipse

Why astrology and zodiac?

The chart is your map from the time you took your first breath, designed to reflect back to you all your potential. 

Chart itself, though, is not a real life, it is a symbol. And each of us brings consciousness to the chart.



Understanding each archetypal energy that our physical body contains, and we learn how to use this energy within us,  we can better process changes that we choose to experience in our lives.  



Zodiac Chart
Planet and Moon


Imagine that you would know that you hold a lot of fire energy (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), and so you tend to be assertive, very active, enthusiastic, ready to tackle any challenge or be in action, but also sometimes very explosive, argumentative and have outburst of anger. Knowing this, you could bring up other elements, other energies into play,  and activate them so you can heal your wounds, break the patterns and find the balance in your everyday encounters. How easy would it be to know how to harness each energy and how to use it to its potential?

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Lucia is a world explorer, a former corporate employee, and nature lover.  

Her intuitive blend of quantum physics, neuroscience, human psyche with deep interpretation of the evolutionary astrology has guided people to tune in to their inner wisdom and create meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Apart from the conscious coaching and mentoring, Lucia has become a proud published co-author of the book FIND YOUR SELF - the guide how to practice self-love, boost self-confidence, find your voice and use it authentically. 

Solar Eclipse




starting August 14th, until October 30th (each Sunday, 12 Sundays together)

Time 18:00 - 19:00 CET, 17:00 - 18:00 UK London time (check your time zone please)

Online zoom meetup

What these workshops will be about? 

Learning about each zodiac sign/archetype and its energetic blueprint 

Qualities, gifts and shadows of each archetype 

Journaling exercises to help you tap into each energy 

Numerology, tarot and gemstones behind each archetype 

Planets and houses explained that are assigned to them

Opening and closing meditation to align yourself with the archetype 

Lifetime access to recordings (you can listen to it whenever you want, even if you miss one workshop, or two)

LIVE event with possibility to be drawn for a free 20 min astro reading if you make it live 


Price per sessions: EUR 12,-                                                

Package price for all sessions: USD/EUR 133,-                

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