Astrology is a guiding tool, our own map of life events, patterns, personalities that by understanding them it offers a big relief, a  chance of letting go, rewriting patterns that are repeating. It points out the misaligned events to allow us accept, understand and finally let go of emotions attached to these events. 

It focuses on spiritual potential and actualizes it.

It offers doors to transformational change.


The chart is your map from time you took first breath, designed to reflect back to you all your potential. 

Chart itself though, is not a real life, it is a symbol. And each of us brings consciousness to the chart. 


Understanding currents transits and energetic shifts from our perspective on Earth, we learn to understand our reflections and see ourselves reflected in surrounding. We can better process changes that we choose to accept in our lives. 

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Evolutionary astrology

Astrology is a journey of Light, your soul’s evolution. It is a therapeutic tool for growth and healing. 

Decode your soul' s deepest truths and discover your exponential potential. 


Embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery and deeper understanding of your personality, patterns and circumstances that have shaped your life. 

Corporate Astrology 

Do you want to know whether a new appointment is a right fit for the company? Are you interested to know what are employees strengths, where they can perform at their best and how to create an environment where people work together?

Corporate astrology offers you a natal chart for business owners, managers together with counselling to discover what personality traits are mostly prevalent in your chart and which are still waiting to be activated. You will learn more about yourself as an entrepreneur and business person and how you can harness all your potential that your natal chart can reveal. 

Or, you can simply use astrology as a team building activity - so you can all learn lot more about each other, and have fun.