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Astrology can offer us clues to our unique path and help us understand our experiences in a new light. The stars are like a mirror that reflects back to us what is happening within us and around us. As we evolve in consciousness, we learn to interpret these reflections and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. While astrology can help us navigate difficult moments and offer us relief, it is important to remember that we are the only creators of our reality. The stars do not cause us to make changes in our lives; they simply offer us insights into our potential and the path we are meant to follow. We always have a choice in how we live our lives. At the heart of astrology is a deep acceptance of ourselves and the unique path we are meant to follow. Reading our birth chart can offer insights into our past, present, and future, but it is up to us to take action and make the changes necessary to fulfill our potential. Astrology is a tool for transformational change, helping us to understand our patterns and make different choices in the future.

Evolutionary astrology, in particular, focuses on the spiritual potential of our soul's evolution. It doesn't predict anything, but rather offers a map to help us transcend the challenges we face in life. By understanding our unique strengths and contributions, we can fulfill our purpose and tap into all the gifts available to us. With my Scorpio midheaven I feel at home in astrology, psychology, looking deeper into the soul beneath the surface and I can see what is not usually seen. My Capricorn Sun will use the structured approach, and my Capricorn Mercury will get straight to the point in short explanations, but I might get taken away by my Mars in Scorpio who wants to take actions beneath the surface and uncover the hidden. So if you're curious about astrology and want to unlock the door to your potential, consider a reading. It won't tell you what to do, but it will give you the insights you need to make informed choices and live your life to the fullest. Remember, you are the one in control of your life, and astrology is simply a tool to help you navigate the journey. Astrology leads you back home to YOUR SELF.

Why Evolutionary astrology &

what benefit I can get out of reading?

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Evolutionary astrology considers the soul's evolution, and doesn't predict anything.

It focuses on spiritual potential and actualizes it.
Reading the chart offers doors to transformational change.
Your map is a tool to transcend all those challenges in life so you can learn and grow
from them. Remember, your birth chart is a map, it doesn't tell you what steps to
take, who to marry or how many children you should have. Your symbols in the chart
unlock the door to potential healing and you are the one who can change the course
of your life. You will understand your patterns closer, your experiences will get
validated through the sky map and make different choices next time.
I will give you a permission slip to be who you are. Because you do know that, but
social conditioning, environment, parents tell us what we are supposed to be. But
your soul knows that it's not that.

And so with me, you will get a confirmation of what you already know deep down,
you just need to bring it up to your reality.
Opening up the possibilities,
Think of your map as a tool to transcend all those challenges in life so you can learn
and grow from them.

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90 minutes | $177 EUR


The symbolism of your natal chart will offer you a deeper understanding of yourself, validating each and every experience you had and giving you a permission slip to be fully you, accepting parts of you that might have been denied or deeply buried. This is a healing journey into the depths of your soul, being seen and witnessed in all your majesty. We will look at your motivations, what drives you, what you tend to experience in your relationships, how you communicate, what gifts and potential can be anchored and revealed to the world, what wounds are waiting to be loved and healed, who you are and how the world sees you. What is hidden, what your inner emotional world looks like, in what areas of your life you are asked to be responsible. You will learn how to work with your elements, which are more active and which need more attention to be more in sync with natural cycles.

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90 minutes | $177 EUR


This 90 minute consultation is a subsequent consultation after the initial cosmic
map reading. It will help you navigate the challenges in life, help you see life from a new perspective and feel seen and validated. You will learn what transits have been mirrored back to you and what area of your life might be affected and how to find healing in those times. We will give meaning to life events, people you have met, illuminating the path of your growth. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of your challenges that are part of your soul's evolution and offer you deep healing if allowed. Also, we will look at your soul's desires, the path that have been chosen and wants to have a potential to be expressed in a unique way to you. You will be ready to make conscious choices with the information about the sky reflecting it back to you.

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Rates vary

Astrology consult for recruitment process

- identifying their strengths, talents, communication styles, whether they work well in teams etc.

- choosing the right person for the right role/job 

Compatibility for teams 

- how well can team of people work together, who is more leader, who is empathetic, who drives the projects, who is creative etc.

Team building workshop with astrology 

- for 2 to 12 people 

- you can simply use astrology as a team building activity - so you can all learn lot more about each other, and have fun. 

Natal chart for business owners, managers 

- what is your primary motivation and drive

- what is your way of thinking and communicating with the team

- what is the driving force behind each actio

- talents, gifts, strengths and weaknesses 

- your life path and journey to personal as well as professional fulfilment

- where is your growth and expansion 

and more

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