Corporate Astrology 

Astrology consult for recruitment process

- identifying their strengths, talents, communication styles, whether they work well in teams etc.

- choosing the right person for the right role/job 

Compatibility for teams 

- how well can team of people work together, who is more leader, who is empathetic, who drives the projects, who is creative etc.

Team building workshop with astrology

- for 2 to 12 people 

- you can simply use astrology as a team building activity - so you can all learn lot more about each other, and have fun. 

Natal chart for business owners, managers 

- what is your primary motivation and drive

- what is your way of thinking and communicating with the team

- what is the driving force behind each action 

- talents, gifts, strengths and weaknesses 

- your life path and journey to personal as well as professional fulfilment

- where is your growth and expansion

and more...