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What is hypnosis and is it for me? 

First of all, hypnosis is a natural, normal state, like a tranced we get in to several time during the day.

For example, do you remember a time when you were driving and you were somewhere else with your thoughts and when you realised you missed the exit by 5 km? 

Or, when you were in an elevator, watching numbers on the touch screen lighting up 2,3,4 and all of sudden you stepped out of the elevator and wasn't sure where you are? 

All these situations are natural and happen to us almost on a daily basis. So I can assure you it is going to feel familiar....

There are many things we are conscious of, but the operation and health of the body is optimally under "hands" of our unconscious mind. Hypnosis will allow you to reach the Unconsciousness and start utilising the Mind-body connection. This is how you begin noticing the ability of manifesting a number of extraordinary things. 

We will together rewire new neuro pathways so you can easily achieve the results you have dreamt about. 

Do you have any specific questions? 

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I am here to clear up all your questions and doubts... 


would you feel more comfortable starting with listening to audio recording to get a glimpse of how it changes your life?

That's ok, I have this option for you too:

Poolside Meditation
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