Meet Lucia

Coach & Mentor 

Published co-author 

Lucia is an international transformational Coach, working with professional women, mission-driven visionaries who are ready to create abundance in their life by transcending their limiting stories and reconnecting with their core essence. She has worked with women in career, small business owners and women with passion for life, willing to radically change the direction of their lives, stop procrastination, self-doubt, and find the inner peace and balance.


She herself used to be on a path of  building a successful career in hospitality, however after several burnouts, working endlessly with no clear vision, she finally listened to subtle nudges from the Universe and decided to abandon this path and undertake a new challenge, closer to her heart and values.

Wake up call

After dealing with anxiety and burnout over the course of 7 years, Lucia decided to confront her fears, and took the most uncomfortable path. na only there she found her passion in mentoring and coaching people when a completely new world emerged in front of her eyes. Lucia spent years in personal development - her main focus is quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology, holistic approach to life itself. She likes to blend together NLP, hypnosis, energy work, she is passionate about astrology and mysticism. 

"I am here to live my life to fullest and allow you to do the same. 

Helping you remember that our utmost purpose is to enjoy ourselves, whereas to unlearn the old patterns that do not serve us and to reprogram our subconscious mind to live an empowered life. 


There is no better time than now to fully embrace our uniqueness, our divine blueprint and be led by our soul expression on every day life. 

We are not here to diminish our light, we are here to throw the light on our shadows, acknowledge them and love them with open heart."

With love, 



  • Master NLP  (Neuro-linguistic programming)

  • Master Time Line Therapy practitioner 

  • Master Hypnotherapy practitioner 

  • Usui Reiki practitioner

  • passionate Astrologer