June 2022 - are you also the one asking where 6 months of the year has gone??

This Full Moon doesn't only give closure for last 6 months (since the eclipse in Dec 2021), but also is called Super full moon because of its close proximity to the Earth. And this can be very powerfull!!

Maybe you have noticed that the Moon shines brighter than usual...

This day moon shows us our journey how far we have come and how well we are in alignment with our goals, dreams and ambitions. There might be a lot of emotions involved as Jupiter is ruler of this Full Moon and it expands anything that it comes across while being in tense position to Black Lilith - the one that teaches us expressing ourselves freely, fully and unapologetically.

Sagittarius is a truth seeker, a wisdom we all possess, it wants to reach the sky and explore unknown territories.

Jupiter plays the role of magnifying glass, exploding and expanding our visions, feeding us with enthusiasm to progress on this quest to reach the heights, dreams, understanding universal themes.

What has become more visible and tangible that hasn't been there before, hasn't been seen before?

What new ventures and discoveries do I want to embark on?

What fears do I recognize in my body? Who would I be without these fears?

This Full Moon is also under the influence of Mars and Chiron - these two are meeting up and stirring up the cosmic energies - combo of inner healer and warrior. Instead of pushing through and wanting to be on the other side fast, give yourself time to integrate all the learnings you have received for last 6 months and trust that you are remembering who you truly are, finding the inner strength that you have been waiting for and looking for outside of you. There is no rush needed on your healing journey.

Check where 23 degree of Sagittarius falls into your chart so you know what closure and completion of cycle in that particular area of your life brings you, to become aware of it.

Remember, your inner wisdom is your tool, your roadmap. This is the pathway to healing. Even if things and direction of life might seem foggy during this lunation, trust that the sun will always illuminates our paths and we find ourselves, coming back to our hearts.