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The time has come to stop making excuses due to Mercury retrograde - no chance of placing all the guilt on the poor planet. Mercury, the Messenger planet has just moved direct (June 3rd) in slow moving Taurus at 26 degrees. For those who paid attention to the messages received since May 10th since it started its "backwards movement", are now ready to use valuable information around self-worth, values and finances (have you been in a constant check of your bank account??), now all those "issues" come to the forefront of your focused attention so it can be dealt with Taurus energy - with a thorough manner, slowly assessing possibilities that life has thrown at us during this phase - especially all the information that didn't make any sense to us before, anchoring them slowly into tangible reality.

My own experience was when my laptop's screen went black, even though all was working in background. All I could see though was blackness... And I got stuck figuring out how to make it work, without success. Lesson learnt here? Letting go of attachment to material possessions, finding new ways of working and letting go of fear of scarcity that came up due to possible investment in to a new laptop. Oh my, how not to love Mercury messenger!!!

During the next 10 days we will feel this energy helping us clear our way for when Mercury enters Gemini, his home sign where it feels at its best. All the ideas that have been flying around scattered, will be shaped into a concrete plans, projects and you will be in the flow, gaining more clarity around certain situations (depending which house will be activated for you during Gemini transit).

While Mercury stations direct, it creates a tense angle with lord of karma Saturn - also planet of limits and restrictions. This event can generate confusions, misunderstanding and narrow thinking. Set clear boundaries when to say "no" as it may feel overwhelming to hold all the thoughts and make sense of them. We may feel that people are not seeing our point of view or agree with our ideas, so allow yourself a little break and notice where you are mostly triggered as this can be your biggest learning point.

Remember, each one of us is here to mirror to us our shadow parts - those we don't want to see.

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