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New Moon in Gemini - Renewal, reflections, fiery energies

It was not that long ago when we entered Gemini season with Sun entering Gemini constellation and now we have here first New Moon in this sign.

Gemini energy is very mind based, using words more than emotions, and is extremely adaptable to new situations.

Gemini Moon is going to open our minds to new solutions, new options that we haven't considered before. This energy will be very versatile, energetic and intellectual.

Even though New Moon is about introspection and planting new seeds of what we want to achieve in the next cycle, Gemini wants to talk about it. And as a ruler of this sign is Mercury, we are asked to organize and engage our thinking and communication more, as well as to harness the power of our minds. Because whatever we put in our minds right now, visualise and speak about it, it will have a bigger possibility to manifest in our reality.

Before we are entering and approaching New Moon event, planet of love, relationships and pleasure - Venus in her final degrees in Aries, is creating an aspect with Pluto, the lord of underworld, of the darkness, our shadows.

Just before we are about to set our new intentions, this cosmic event asks us to look again and reevaluate whether we follow our own values, how we bond with others and whether all outdated patterns have been properly released - because if not, they will resurface to be seen and heard and let go of.


On 28th May, Venus enters Taurus constellation, in her home sign and it will be all about pleasure of life, enjoyment, slowing down and endulging yourself in beauty of this world. It is time to look after yourself, look at what your needs are, what values are important to you in all areas of your life.

Venus in Taurus is naturally seductive and sensual, and down-to-earth practical and it has a strong sense for loyalty and devotion.


Mercury slows down to direct motion on June 3rd, while at the same time creating a square aspect with planet of limits and restrictions - Saturn. This event can generate confusions, misunderstanding and narrow thinking. Take this time to slow down, reflect on all thought patterns and do not rush into conclusions without gathering enough facts.

This pressure is the desire, potential limitation or fear to express, communicate your full truth. Awarenees of thought loops gives a great freedom to being fully yourself.

Mercury retrograde is not what we all believe it is - it simply teaches us to strengthen our thought patterns, especially now when Messenger planet went from Gemini back to Taurus - hence teaching us and allowing practising of quietening the mind, ability to navigate a mind pressure through calm and peace. This process can only make us stronger, if we allow the energy. Find the strength in ability to observe your thoughts and not to react from them.


There is a lot of Aries energy going on in the sky now, as Jupiter and Mars entered constellation of this passionate, individualistic, driven sign. And as these 2 planets will meet up, joining forces on 29th May, we will feel the need to quickly react without stopping for reflection.

It gives us the impulse, boost of energy to start something new, to find a creativity within us and go for it.

Jupiter hasn't been in Aries for almost 12 years, and this marks the beginning of the year full of positive energy, drive and passion we can use in any areas of our lives - look up where Aries falls in your birth chart so you can start building momentum from now on.

Also Mars feels at home in this sign, so use this energy with awareness and direct it for your new projects, adventures, creations. You will have passion, enthusiasm, courage to focus on your own desires and goals. This is the year of expansion of passion!!

Happy New Moon everyone!!

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