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"Working with Lucia was absolutely magical. I started seeing changes in my life after just the first session! I found that Lucia created a very safe, open, loving, no-judgement space that was easy to relax and be honest in. She listened genuinely, engaged, and together we cracked open and uncovered some deep-rooted things in my life. I had been struggling with being able to make some shifts but hadn't quite identified where the causes were. For quite some time, I had been feeling like there was something I hadn't dealt with but I could not seem to figure out what it was or how to address it! With Lucia's coaching and guidance, those things were brought to the surface and healed. Not only that, but as we progressed I saw amazing breakthroughs and shifts reflected in my life that only have continued to compound and expand since. I feel like a whole new me and I feel like I can move forward in a whole new way. I've gotten so many things accomplished that I had been working on for ages, I've seen new opportunities just showing up in my life, and I am so much more at peace and genuinely in a place of love and servitude. I'm excited for what is to come. Thank you, immensely, Lucia!"

Katelyn, Texas

"Lucia guided me through an incredible journey inside myself and helped me find the strength to overcome my fears and anxiety. She is extremely supportive and her technique positively impressed me. It was an amazing experience!"

Marcella, Germany 

​​Lucia has such amazing wisdom which she so generously will share with you to support you on this beautiful journey. She gives such amazing actionable steps to help you shift your mindset and transform you into your most confident and amazing self. 

Saher, India 

"I loooved it! I really like how you were able to analyze all aspects of anxieties or struggles and made sure you were as supportive as possible in all aspects during the program and for current situations I may deal with."

Micah, US

"I loved my short session with Lucia. She totally understood me and gave me steps that I could implement immediately to start managing my time better. I feel so relieved having a plan moving forward. It’s clear she goes above and beyond to help her clients!"

Stephanie, NJ, US

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