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Join us on this exceptional and rare workshops where we are going to combine the best out of 2 different modalities, that are actually intertwine in understanding our consciousness and bring us closer to our own healer and guide. They are going to help you become the best version of yourself, break own limitations and decode your patterns. 

Meditate at the beach


Neurodynamic Breathwork is based on the principal that each of us has within us an Inner Guiding Intelligence which has all the answers we need to live a more Empowered life, free from the sub-conscious patterns forged from our childhood, keeping us within repetitive patterns and causing disharmony within our mind, body and soul.

Neurodynamic breathwork uses deep circular breathing as a tool which can provide Access to an expanded state of awareness, where we gain access to our Inner Guidance.


Thousands of people committed to a regular practice have experienced: 


  • Gaining clarity on their life purpose, 


  • Releasing deep sub-conscious limitations which have have been limiting their lives and causing physical and emotional pain


  • Releasing old patterns, limitations and emotions. 

Breathing Meditation
Planet and Moon


Astrology is a guiding tool, our own map of life events, patterns, personalities that by understanding them it offers a big relief, a  chance of letting go, rewriting patterns that are repeating. It points out the misaligned events to allow us accept, understand and finally let go of emotions attached to these events. 

It focuses on spiritual potential and actualizes it.

It offers doors to transformational change.

The chart is your map from time you took first breath, designed to reflect back to you all your potential. 

Chart itself though, is not a real life, it is a symbol. And each of us brings consciousness to the chart. 


Understanding currents transits and energetic shifts from our perspective on Earth, we learn to understand our reflections and see ourselves reflected in surrounding. We can better process changes that we choose to accept in our lives. 

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About Us



With an innate quest for truth and authenticity, Lisa never resonated with the old paradigm. With a financial career abandoned, she was drawn to the simple truth of nature. The magnetic call of the ocean led to a career in Scuba Diving and a deep desire to share a different perspective of life with others. Nature has a way of uncovering our truths. After building and operating an Eco Lodge in Mozambique, her passion for exploring and understanding the frontiers of human consciousness drew her on a path of self-discovery, studying Yoga, Kinesiology, Psych-K, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Fractal Psychology, Breathwork and developing a passion for Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Micro-biology.


Lucia is a world explorer, a former corporate employee, and nature lover.  

Her intuitive blend of quantum physics, neuroscience, human psyche with deep interpretation of the evolutionary astrology has guided people to tune in to their inner wisdom and create meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Apart from the conscious coaching and mentoring, Lucia has become a proud published co-author of the book FIND YOUR SELF - the guide how to practice self-love, boost self-confidence, find your voice and use it authentically. 






June 19th, June 26th, July 3rd 

Time 18:00 - 21:00 CET (check your time zone please)

A unique opportunity to combine astrology and expanded state of consciousness to decode patterns. 


Learn powerful technique to create neural pathways to your inner mystic. 

Understand astrology to unlock your unlimited human potential. 

Workshop will be held online, on zoom. Once paid, you will receive the link with the zoom meeting.


Price per sessions: USD/EUR 55,-                                                

Package price for all sessions: USD/EUR 144,-                

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